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In accordance with Section 62.132(m) of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, the Board of Public Works has established the following rules and regulations pertaining to street banners.

The definitions given below supplement Municipal Code Section 62.132 definitions.

OVERHEAD BANNER A banner suspended over the public roadway, attached at both ends to an electrolier, outdoor advertising structure or building(s).

PULL-DOWN BANNER A banner suspended over the public sidewalk or roadway, attached to a single electrolier.

NOTE: Banners may be suspended with or without decorations

1. Street banner permit applications must be submitted to the Bureau of Street Lighting at least ten working days (five working days for pre-approved locations) prior to the installation. Banner permits shall not be issued prior to approval by the Director of the Bureau of Street Lighting. Banner installations are not permitted without a valid permit.

2. Each application for a banner installation must be accompanied by a deposit in the full amount as stated in Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 62.132(d) for each requested location and, unless such deposit accompanies the application, said application will be rejected.

3. Banner permits shall only be issued for events which serve a civic and public interest with a sponsorship logo or company name providing that a minimum of 80% percent of the banner contains the public event message and not in excess of 20% percent of the banner shall contain the sponsorship logo or company name; the letters in the copy shall maintain the equal size ratio; and that the permit application shall contain a sketch of photograph of the banner copy prior to approval.

4. The date(s) of the event must appear on the banner. Applicant may specify the time of year (spring, winter, summer, fall).

5. No permits shall be issued for banners on roadways of 84 feet or more in width or where banners would be attached to street lighting poles with aluminum luminaire arms greater than four (4) feet in length.

6. No permits shall be issued for banners on streets where adjoining land use is primarily residential.

7. No banners or decorations shall be attached to street trees.

8. Installations shall not exceed one overhead banner. Installations of "pull down" banners for two separate events within the same block shall be allowed, provided the banners are displayed on opposite sides of the roadway and the request is approved by the Director of the Bureau of Street Lighting.

Priority for approval of requested banner locations shall be determined by the date of receipt of the Application for Permit by the Bureau of Street Lighting. Permits for banners placed along a parade route or for City-sponsored events are exempt from this provision.

9. The banner may be lettered and shall be of vinyl, nylon or cloth, and the banner is strictly limited to a maximum gross square footage area of 24 square feet per installation. Pull-down banners with tail decorations mounted on the pole may also be used in connection with overhead banners. Pull-down banners with tail decorations without overhead banners may exceed one to a block.

The banners shall be attached to the electrolier in a manner approved by the Bureau of Street Lighting and attached so that no damage to the electrolier or the finish thereon will result.

No banners or decorations shall be attached to any Department of Water and Power (DWP) wooden power poles with out a valid permit. Applications for proposed installations utilizing the same must be accompanied by an affidavit authorizing the use of the power poles.

Applications for banners proposed to be attached to any private property (e.g., billboards or buildings) will be rejected unless accompanied by an affidavit from the property owner authorizing the use of private property.

All parts of the banners, including pull-down tails, shall be maintained at a minimum height of 14 feet above the sidewalk, 16 feet above the roadway, or 22 feet over railroad tracks.

10. Banners shall not be installed that obstruct traffic signs or warning devices, such as, but not limited to, street name, parking limitations, speed limit, school, directional or route designation. Permits shall not be issued where the installation is within 50 feet of the intersection or within 50 feet of any mid-block pedestrian crosswalk.

11. The banners and decorations shall be installed so as not to reduce the illumination from the electroilers, nor interfere in any way with the Bureau of Street Lighting maintenance activities.

12. Installations shall be checked by the permittee or his representative at least once a week and whenever sustained winds in excess of 25 miles per hour are experienced during the period of the permit. The banners shall be removed on the same date or prior to the expiration date of the permit.

13. Removal of banners may be ordered for the following reasons:

a. damage or potential damage to Street Lighting equipment is apparent;
b. permit has expired or is void; or
c. no permit for the installation has been issued.

If removal is not completed within four (4) hours of notification, or in the event of an emergency, removal will be made by City forces, and the permittee will be billed for work performed including direct charges and established overhead rates. Failure by the permittee to pay such charges within forty-five (45) days will result in the charges being collected from the posted surety bond or cash deposit.

14. Unless otherwise stated in the permit, the installation or removal of street decorations or banners shall NOT take place between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The Director of the Bureau of Street Lighting is authorized, after conferring with the General Manager of the Department of Transportation, to approve variances from the requirements provided for the hours of installation or removal of banners.

15. Banners on State Highways require encroachment permits approved by Caltrans.

16. These rules and regulations do not apply to seasonal decorations.

(November 15th thru January 2nd).

17. Any requests for deviations from the rules must be submitted to the Board of Public Works and be accompanied by a non-refundable investigation fee as stated in section 62.132 (d) L.A.M.C. for each deviation requested to reimburse the City for the cost of investigating and considering each deviation.


A. Revocation of Permits 62.132(j)

B. Permits may be revoked by the Board in whole or in part on one or more of the following grounds: 1. the maintenance of any banner installation endangers public welfare, safety, or property;
2. failure or refusal to observe any provision of this Section or any Rules promulgated by the Board pursuant to authority granted by this Section; or
3. a material misrepresentation.
C. Removal of Banner 62.132(k)

D. Upon expiration of any permit, any street banners covered thereby must be removed by the permittee on the same date of expiration unless a renewal or written extension is granted by the Board.